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The chances are that if you are really that good at treatment you’re a lousy marketer. It’s just the way that it is – like salt and pepper. You spend the vast majority of your thoughts, energy and resources developing

You May Have The Best Addiction Treatment Program In The World – But If You Don’t Have Anyone To Treat, What Good Is It? I can fix that for you!

As the founder and CEO of Alternative Solutions Media I have a distinct advantage over you in that I have the technology to listen in on pay per calls from addicts begging your admission staff for help. From the thousands

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But I’ll break it down for you just the same. It’s a fact that warm call transfers from Alternative Solutions Media’s national TV and Radio campaigns deliver admissions for treatment centers across the country and enjoys one of the best

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The Starter Kit To Recovery At Home is a comprehensive self-help educational 5 DVD video set presented by accomplished, professional treatment experts that share with their viewers invaluable information on addiction and the many ways others have found their path

Local Women Share Their Spiral Into Substance Abuse; Health Smart: Addicted Series

More than 23 million Americans struggle with addiction…and today experts warn, women are the fastest growing population of substance abusers. Also cautioned– no matter your age, income, ethnicity or neighborhood zip code…the disease, killing a reported 125 Americans a day,

Two Giants In Addiction Treatment Join Forces To Assure Everyone Has The Opportunity To Get Treatment

Howard Needle CEO of ‘The Starter Kit To Recovery At Home’ and Thomas Kearns CEO of ‘Elite Rehab Placement’ believe everyone deserves the opportunity to get treatment. They have teamed up to facilitate the largest out reach to addicts who

What Could Beethoven Possibly Have In Common With Aftercare?!

I’ve seen it all my life working in various levels and positions in business. People putting forth their best efforts, working their tails off for something important only to peter out at the most critical time. They just simply stop

Howard Needle Is A Cantankerous Son Of A B*t#h!

Chances are you don’t know me. My name is Joe Ullrich and I’m one of the behind the scenes marketing guys Howard Needle brought in to help with the launch of the Starter Kit To Recovery At Home. My niche

Bad Choices Or Bad Options – Which Is It?

This morning I was shocked – literally shocked – to learn that a record number of people died avoidable deaths from accidental opiate and opioid overdoses in the last reported year. I only wish I could have gotten to them

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