13 Weeks of Rehab Center Radio Promotion

At Alternative Solutions Media our experienced media executives can generate, 30 and 60-minute educational rehab center radio programs in a talk show format. Our clients have the option to choose any major American media market, and we engage the top talk radio stations in these popular cities. Recovery radio¬†appeals to any listener that desires to learn more about recovery, drug abuse, and today’s modern addiction treatments. The major station airing your program will also run daily promotional spots to bolster the regular listening audience. Your talk show will run each week for 13 consecutive weeks on the same day and time each week. Throughout the broadcast, your direct toll-free phone number will be given out to listeners.

Indian Bob is the on-air host for this program. Bob is considered to be the country’s number one recovery radio talk show host. Bob will ask your representative pre-determined questions about the treatment your facility provides. Bob is a well-known asset to the recovery industry and has helped millions of people better understand and conquer the disease of addiction. You radio program will a 30 or 60-minutes of discussion with Indian Bob.

The trend in recovery marketing is moving to radio. A lengthy radio talk show provides the time and audience that will help you to promote your facility and your staff. Radio gives you bragging rights in the city of your choice to discuss the past success of your facility and even new treatment options. Throughout the program, you may explain to listeners payment methods and detail private insurance or cash pay. The individuals calling the show’s number and reaching your admissions desk are already aware of the types of insurance you will accept. These are some of the most highly qualified leads available today. Potential clients all will be calling your facility direct on your toll-free number.

Each 30 or 60-minute educational radio program in major American markets, hosted by Indian Bob, should generate over 100 qualified individuals seeking substance-abuse treatment.

During the 30 or 60 minute show, Bob will ask questions about your facility’s features and services. During this on-air time, you can brag about your business and tell the world why your rehab center is the best option for those seeking treatment. Talk directly to the families of those suffering from addiction and offer them inside information about the experience and knowledge staff that powers recovery in your facility. No one can explain the benefits of your rehab center better than you and this extended radio program give you the time and the audience.

The 13-week radio program from Alternative Solutions Media is an exceptional opportunity for national radio marketing of your recovery facility.
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