20 FREE Rehab Pay Per Calls With A FREE Education!

If you haven’t tried Alternative Solutions Media’s rehab pay-per-call marketing program, this is your golden opportunity. Pay per call marketing is proving to be one of the most cost-efficient methods of gaining new admissions available to both large and small addiction treatment facilities. Everyday hundreds of addicts wanting to get off drugs – or their loved ones – respond to one of our national TV, Radio or Internet ads by calling my hotline number. I don’t mean to sound cold, but these callers are ‘In-Market’ at this very critical moment. These calls are routed directly to my clients’ admissions staff phones with absolutely no interruption. These are exclusive calls that only your admissions staff can communicate with.

As a special introductory offer, we’re giving away 20 free pay-per-calls with a free education to all treatment facilities new to the Alternative Solutions Media’s family. You can’t find a better way to try rehab pay per calls than this offer! Please call or email for details.

I’ve spoken with thousands of addiction treatment center CEOs, Marketing Managers, Admissions Supervisors and so on and they all have one thing in common; they all say they have the best admissions staff in the business. One that comes to mind purchased 500 calls and got 6 admissions when he should have gotten 15!

I’m sure their staff members are good hearted people, but I’ve seen and heard the best and they are not it. My dashboard allows me or my clients to listen in on calls at our convenience. It’s a great feature and through it I’ve heard what top management calls the best. I can assure you there is room for improvement. In many cases a lot of room.

Admissions is a difficult job; it can easily have an emotional effect on you. Let me share with your staff what I have learned about how to do their job more effectively with empathy. There are hard, but necessary questions that need to be asked that are not. I can teach your people how to ask these key questions with compassion that allows the caller their dignity.

As part of this limited time special offer, I will physically come into your facility and train your staff in the latest sales techniques where warmth and sensitivity shine through. I will teach them how to effectively convey the value of your program and facility. But that’s not all. I will continue to train and work with your people everyday, whether it’s daily group meetings via Skype or individual training. Should you require, I have references that will gladly brag about their successes and verify my training dexterity.

I’m confident you’re very good at addiction treatment. It is a very specialized field. But there is an old adage comes to mind “a jack of all trades but a master of none.” The point I’m making here is that marketing is specialized as well and best left to professionals. That said, please feel free to call me, Howard Needle, “The Rainmaker,” toll free at 888-838-5743 or email me Howard@AlternativeSolutionsMedia.com for more information on this limited time special offer and a free marketing consultation.

On all of the U.S. paper currency you’ll find a picture of one of our most treasured found fathers. They were chosen for their deeds that were guided by their heart. Isn’t about time we take their lead and do what we feel in our heart is right rather than just collecting paper with their pictures on them?

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