Confidential Confessions, Part 2

Addiction Recovery Treatment

Admitting that drugs and alcohol control your life, can be a type of confession. If a person is suffering from addiction, an admission or confession is a statement that should be made aloud, to one’s self and possibly loved ones. However, admission alone does not create positive change for those suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism. Treatment is the first big step in the physical and mental recovery process. Admitting the problem only invites change into a life. Attending a meeting or making that first phone call seeking recovery are actions that can bring about real change.

Drug addiction often walls off a person in emotional isolation. Addiction thrives in isolation. Even in a crowded room an addict can feel entirely alone. The first phone call for help is so crucial because it sends cracks through the walls and begins to break the grip of isolation. That first call is an all important facilitator that can start the recovery process and bring about positive change in a patient’s life. Breaking down the walls of isolation can also begin the effort to repair broken relationships. Leaving that life of addiction and isolation allows one to start trusting others and break those patterns of weakness that guided past life choices.

Entering treatment for addiction will help one discover and remove those obstacles that so frequently crop up in life’s path. Making that first call for help, making that first admission, can open the door to recovery and a better life for someone and their family.
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