I’m Howard Needle and I Never Give Up

Howard Needle

Howard NeedleHoward Needle

As a young man, I made some poor decisions and mistakes. The enormous wealth that accompanied success throughout my career created many opportunities for lapses in judgement. I made some wrong choices.

In fact, Googling my name brings up a few links to unfortunate events, which I’d just like to forget. However, we can’t hide from our past lives. There is no reset button, where the Howard Needle “slate” gets wiped clean, and we start over. No, that is not possible.

Each of us must acknowledge and learn from the mistakes of our past, apologise to those who have been hurt, then gradually and calmly move on through life. We must never give up, never quit and never give into the mistakes of our past.

Fortunately, my issues were not life-ending trauma. Unlike many unfortunate victims in the world of addiction and alcohol abuse, I survived. I’m thankful to have my health, supportive friends, a loving family and of course, my sanity. Google has helped me to open that proverbial closet door and all my ghosts have flown out into view.

By the grace of God, I’m still here.

For those working in the field of treatment and recovery, my situation is not uncommon. Some of the most sincere and powerful voices throughout the recovery process, come from people that have lived through the struggle and now stand as examples for others. I am a part of this group.

In past decades, I paid the price with my career and personal relationships. I made it through the difficult places. Over the past 7+ years, I never gave in or gave up and today I am thriving.

Yes, I’ve had a past life and Google is not going to let me forget it. If you are pondering Google’s results and thinking to yourself, “I don’t know….” please understand that seven years ago I began to correct my past mistakes and move ahead with a powerful new mission. Having twenty years of experience in marketing and advertising, today I operate a company that uses national TV and radio advertising to bring a message of recovery into homes across America. Our job is to deliver your facility’s vital message of recovery and treatment to those in need.

I have also surrounded myself with knowledgeable addiction treatment professionals. Our customers will confirm that the Alternative Solutions Media Team delivers highly effective corporate branding solutions and rehab advertising. Does your facility need marketing and national TV advertising? Let me show you how a pay-per-call campaign can help your facility increase its census.

I’m Howard Needle, and I don’t ever give up working for my clients.
Call me today at 561-281-2020.

Good news for those following my life, I have recently hired a professional writer, and he is hard at work on my life’s story. He will soon begin interviewing people and documenting the past life and events of Howard Needle. If you would like to receive an advance copy of my book early next year, please add your email to the list. http://alternativesolutionsmedia.com/manage-subscriptions/

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