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Excellent read today. I agree and share very similar thoughts on that…thought I tell you because I have been really observing, listening and learning so much by just watching and seeing some real issues I have a genuine compassion and heart for.

One positive experience in what ever business one is in -that first encounter and the clients experience means everything. That’s what separates any good company from another. Making sure that person experiences the highest quality of CARE as possible met with compassion and a personal connection should just be common sense. However, for some…money, ego, pride, titles and a constant means to compete have blinded the vision of what it means to genuinely care.

Like you mentioned most of us that take an interest in this field in one way or another know and remember that helpless, hopeless, empty dark feeling of a broken and shattered life and heart. This is where I don’t understand where I’m observing just a complete lack of empathy and the minds of some of the people on the other end of the phone, seem to forget that that ONE call is A LIFE LINE. A person just like them- and they are the ones making not only that “positive” experience (usually in a crisis) that have once started out right where that HUMAN BEING on the other line is holding out a hand just teaching for the right person to grab it. That should be who they first encounter and I feel as well that it’s a deal breaker. Not only for the business but for another life. Complacency cannot be and should not be in that position.

I also see how draining and my dad it can get and how it’s almost as if admissions is forced to have to get the right info ( insurance coverage agh don’t get me going on that) so I see it from a multitude of perspectives where I also feel like there is not just ONE solution to any problem. Maybe they need to rotate and develop a better way to design a way to stop this from becoming another cycle. From a business point of view and the absolute VALUE of another persons life. Thanks for that – something I’ve really held tight to and wish I could help develop and come up with ways to keep the admission teams (again, not ALL) from sounding like robots and sending away or forgetting themselves the despair and desperate needs of clients calling for HELP!

Question: Have you heard of this ACADEMY FOR ADDICTIVE DISORDERS Registra & Busar Offfice 7000 North Federal Hwy. Suite 201 Boca Raton, FL 33487(561) 617 – 3437 what do you think about this? Do you know about it and is that something I should look into. I cannot afford the cost but if I can’t do it I can see if there are grants and or gov. assistance to check out what they have here for me. My degree has more to it and I have a lot more credits that I could go back with a few classes and hopefully get some certifications and literally within a year have another whole deprecate degree if I wanted to. I want to learn. Most times it’s WHO YOU KNOW- and if the right person invests in mentoring people who want to continue to learn Thoughts?

Dr. Cali – would love to get in to get her Certifications. I don’t think it’s all about the DEGREE -as it is the experience within yourself and flat out just understanding of people and being driven by a passion to work hard. Anyone can be taught but not just “anyone” gets “IT”… Please tell me what YOU think. That is, if you have a few mins of your time to guide me. Unfortunately… Titles are what will get you noticed not your ability.



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