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Specialists in Rehab Center Advertising

Alternative Solutions delivers national radio branding campaigns and direct response pay-per-call TV advertising campaigns to rehab center customers throughout the United States. Clients may choose to receive calls from markets in the across the nation and have the option to block specific individual states. Rehab center advertising programs include raw calls and 30-second buffer calls.

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Raw Calls

  • Lowest cost incoming lead calls.
  • Set up time is within 24 hours or less from signing up.
  • All calls go directly to your admissions department. All calls are not pre-screened or filtered.

30-Second Buffer Calls – Rehab Center Marketing

  • Set up time is within 24 hours or less from signing up.
  • The facility has 30 seconds to qualify the caller financially.
  • If the admission department staff determines that the person meets the facility’s financial requirements, the call continues past 30 seconds, and there is a charge for that lead.
  • If the admissions department quickly determines that the caller does not meet their financial or insurance qualifications and the call ends before 30 seconds, there is no charge for that lead. The call was free.
  • How many call-in leads can your admission department handle each day?

Each rehab center client is able to track incoming calls through the location of the caller, time and caller ID. Our clients dictate the scheduled days and hours for incoming calls. It is even possible to change the incoming phone number to an off-site location during weekend hours. This process saves money by allowing the facility staff to enjoy the weekend off while continually generating new customers seven days a week.

Choose how many incoming calls your facility can handle and the days and times your admissions desk would like to receive the incoming calls. The executives at Alternative Solutions have decades of national media buying experience and will meet the requirements of your rehab center’s marketing goals. Customers recognize our  experienced staff as a team that delivers consistent, high-quality results.

Alternative Solutions is a national radio and television marketing company specializing in rehab center branding and TV advertising. Our firm offers three different levels of marketing calls that help maximize clients’ marketing budgets. Our goal is to place individuals suffering from addiction in our client’s facilities where they can receive the proper recovery treatment.

Call us toll-free at 1-888-838-5743

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