Addiction Recovery Leads – The Best Pay-Per-Call Programs

Direct Response Marketing

Television advertising through Alternative Solutions Media reaches millions of people each day. This direct response TV advertising generates unique addiction recovery leads for treatment centers, rehabs, and detox programs.

Using these direct response TV ads, a facility’s expectations for return on investment should be equal or higher than similar online advertising or print opportunities.

Our firm specializes in direct response TV and radio advertising. We understand how to reach out and connect with those seeking recovery. DRTV advertising can create an instant connection between those seeking treatment for addiction and facilities that have the capacity to help them. We make that happen.

All incoming pay-per-click call campaigns are tracked and measured. Alternative Solutions furnishes data and information for understanding how much it costs your facility to attract new clients using addiction recovery leads. Following TV or radio ad campaigns will help your business to understand better how to create reliable conversions.

addiction recovery leadsOur staff is happy to discuss a direct TV advertising and marketing campaign with you. Call us today 561-281-2020.

Pay-per-call TV advertising is a specialty form of direct response advertising. There are three kinds of leads available through our firm. Raw calls, 30 and 60-second buffer calls. All of these products cater to addiction treatment facilities.

Every incoming call will be routed directly to your admission department in real time. No prescreening and no warm transfers in our operation.

Addiction Recovery Leads to Treatment Facilities From Proven Marketing Professionals.

Successful raw calls and 30-second buffer calls can increase an advertising campaign’s performance, attract new clients and build or further establish your company’s brand. A fixed price per call makes it easy to budget out future advertising costs.

Addiction recovery leads can help your facility fill beds, and we can make that happen. For more details, give us a call today.


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