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The world of rehab marketing and addiction treatment lead generation is very competitive. There are many options available to recovery facilities such as Google Adwords, search engine optimization, banner ads, pay-per-click ads and more. However, TV is still the dominant player in advertising and will likely remain on top for the years ahead. According to Neilson rating service, average weekly usage for American by ascending age groups:

2-11: 24 hours, 16 minutes.
12-17: 20 hours, 41 minutes.
18-24: 22 hours, 27 minutes.
25-34: 27 hours, 36 minutes.
35-49: 33 hours, 40 minutes.
50-64: 43 hours, 56 minutes.
65-plus: 50 hours, 34 minutes.

While the size of TV screens is changing, American consumers are still watching about 4 hours of TV each day. Viewers are continually being engaged 15-second, 30-second, and 60-second commercials. For your marketing dollars, we feel there is no better solution than TV advertising. Clients of Alternative Solutions Media receive the maximum impact for their addiction treatment marketing budget.

We are also one of the only firms in the industry that offers “buffered call” pay-per-call direct response leads. Buffered calls allow the rehab facility time on the phone to qualify potential new customers before being charged for that lead. Here are the three direct response TV lead programs offered through Alternative Solutions Media.

Raw Calls

  • Lowest cost incoming lead calls.
  • Credit issued only for wrong numbers or fax machines.

30 Second Buffer

  • The facility has 30 seconds to qualify and accept the caller.
  • If the admissions department stays on past 30 seconds, they are charged for the call.
  • If the call ends before the 30-second buffer, there is no cost for that lead.

60 Second Buffer

  • The facility has a full 60 seconds to qualify and accept the caller.
  • If the admissions department stays on past 60 seconds, there is fee for that lead call.
  • If the call ends before the 60-second buffer, no cost is incurred for that lead call.

The recovery facility is also able to listen and track all incoming calls through the location of the caller, time and caller ID. The 30 and 60-second buffers allow facilities to micromanage their supervisors and admissions counselors. Facility clients may choose to receive calls from the entire nation or select individual states. Clients dictate the scheduled days and hours for incoming admissions department calls.

To learn more about our call programs, please contact Howard Needle at (561) 281-2020.

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