Addiction Treatment Marketing: Connecting with Those Seeking Help

Addiction Treatment Marketing

The first step in helping those who suffer from addiction is guiding them to treatment options and recovery solutions.  For those seeking professional help for drug abuse or alcohol addiction, these solutions should be readily available and familiar to them. A visible presence those people seeking treatment advice and guidance is vital for the marketing efforts of any rehab center. The media connection between a rehab center and those seeking assistance should be instant, effortless and rewarding for the client. If the treatment facility has not been visible and available to potential customers, the chances of that service helping anyone are greatly reduced. National advertising and lead generation for rehab centers should be viewed as an investment in the businesses future.

Alternative Solutions Media specializes in connecting drug and alcohol treatment facilities with new patients. It is ASM’s mission to help others overcome addiction and develop the skills needed to lead passionate and purposeful lives.

  • According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) there are more than 23 million people in American over the age of 12 that are addicted to alcohol and other drugs.
  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimates that the market for addiction treatment in the U.S. alone is around $35 billion per year.

The job of selling an addiction treatment facility within this competitive universe is has become a very complex task. Additionally, for people seeking treatment, navigating a multi-billion dollar world of recovery centers is a challenge.

Our vision is very simple; identify national markets with potential recovery clients, design TV, and radio ads, then consistently air them in those domestic markets. Finally, ASM connects rehab center customers with those seeking treatment. Experience and knowledge within this industry allow Alternative Solutions to provide quality national rehab center leads for a very low price.

ASM is so confident in their marketing that the firm offers a no-nonsense lead called the 30-second buffer call. This marketing tool provides up to 30 seconds of talk time for the recovery facility to qualify the caller. If the receiving institution determines their program cannot accept that new patient within the first 30-seconds, the call is terminated or referred to SAMSHA, and there is no charge for that lead. We work together to find the best value of a lead.

Direct response national TV pay-per-call advertising and national radio ads have proven very useful for marketing treatment facilities. After years of marketing recovery facilities, ASM has identified exactly what mix of publicity is favorable for marketing rehab centers.

Call us to get started or just discuss available U.S. markets and regions for your facility’s marketing.


Alternative Solutions Media is also seeking medical professionals in the recovery industry to help guide our choice of national personnel that can make video presentations to those suffering from addiction. These are high paying positions for long term work. Please contact Howard today for more information.

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