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A note from the president of Alternative Solutions Media, Mr. Howard Needle.

National advertising and media buying is a serious competitive business in America. Success in today’s digital advertising world requires market experience. The past 25 years, throughout my business career, every position I’ve held involved buying radio, television and creating national media campaigns. After my recovery process, almost eight years ago, marketing for addiction treatment facilities and recovery services became my mission and my daily goal.

Helping others out of the cycle of addiction and alcohol abuse by connecting them with treatment services has been for me a very fulfilling career. The knowledge I have gained throughout my life in the world of advertising and marketing has brought me to this point.

Alternative SolutionsThis week, the enterprise I created, Alternative Solutions, is celebrating its four year anniversary. Over the past four years, we have helped thousands of people enter treatment by connecting patients to recovery facilities. I have personally helped many treatment businesses successfully navigate the world of corporate branding and gain positive national exposure for their company services. We were able to use my media buying experience and help them avoid the many common pitfalls along this path.

Recovery marketing has become my life’s work, and I am passionate about helping others through Alternative Solutions. The sense of importance in delivering addiction recovery to those who need it has galvanized and motivated me. The world of advertising and marketing is not always easy. However, my passion for helping others has carried me through the early years.

Each day I try to articulate my mission to others, and this blog has been my starting point for achieving that aim. After four years as the president of Alternative Solutions, I have been able to look at our industry and those businesses similar to mine. We have learned from others and seen how damaging their “boiler room” tactics have been to our industry over the past decade.

Our firm has been successful in generating growth by maintaining our modest independent style. We believe in personal contact. My executive team and I will travel to any national facility and sit down with those in charge, where I can craft well-designed national TV and radio marketing campaign for that particular service.

Our team understands how a smaller facility can struggle with advertising budgets. Alternative Solutions Media has developed pay-per-call tools that aid smaller budgets in achieving successful direct response media campaigns.

After the past four years, our company has attained a proud measure of success, and we will be building on that success today and every coming day. Let our experience help create your facility’s successful future. Give us a call today, or fill out our online facility invitation. We will quickly respond to your needs, and there is no obligation to buy anything.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Howard Needle 561-281-2020

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