Heroin Overdose; Awareness needed nationwide via TV

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Heroin Overdose Deaths

According to a police report released in June, there has been a significant increase in Delray Beach heroin overdose death rates over the past few months. In 2015, there have been a reported 26 heroin overdoses with a total of 4 deaths in 2015. Seventeen of these overdoses happened in May alone, including 3 of the deaths. Heroin use has reached epidemic proportions in Delray Beach, FL, particularly in the last several months. Although the heroin epidemic is localized to Delray Beach in this police report, the matter of heroin use and abuse is a concern that is hitting the state and nation as a whole. We must make awareness thru national TV. Learn about Alternative Solutions Media Pay Per Call campaigns. All calls come directly to your admissions department. Let’s help those in need….LIFE IS PRECIOUS, START LIVING TODAY!

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