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  • LegitScript vs. Google Ads Certification – Which Is Best For Your Facility? Part II - There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding what a treatment facility can and cannot do with and without LegitScript. I get questions about this very issue all the time. With that said, I address the three most common misconceptions. The explanation you can find below, on how the leads are generated: The understanding
  • LegitScript vs. Google Ads Certification – Which Is Best For Your Facility? - If you are an addiction treatment center that has earned a LegitScript certification than congratulations! The association with such a distinguished moniker is sure to elevate your brand in the eyes of your potential client. Validation is a step in the right direction, but as the old adage goes, ‘the more things change the more they
  • To all my friends and followers, especially my clients, I’d like to wish each end every one of you a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas. - In this, my last post for 2018, I’d also like to thank my clients for another banner year here at Alternative Solutions Media. It’s through our collective efforts, with me doing your marketing and you delivering life saving treatment, that so many more people are alive and in recovery today to enjoy a holiday with
  • I Care About Others - Nearly ten years ago when I started Alternative Solutions Media, it was my mission to help as many addicts find recovery as I possibly could by providing treatment centers with proven effective marketing plans that would get their message out to the people who so desperately needed their help. You see, it just wasn’t that
  • The engine that drives the success of is our Sales and Licensing Team! - Our products and services require a sophisticated knowledge of the cellular phone industry and the ability to understand and converse with high level representatives at a variety of businesses which would benefit from the purchase and/or licensing of one of our #codes. We are very pleased that heading up of our Sales and Licensing Team
  • Good Addiction Treatment Centers Need Exceptional Marketing - Howard W. Needle, Treatment media leads Founder and CEO at Alternative Solutions Media by Howard Needle The posts I see here and on other social media sites from addiction treatment centers never cease to amaze me. All the talk about how great their program is just seems to me as borderline bragging. I often wonder
  • TV Branding Brings Tons Of Clients To Treatment Centers - Howard W. Needle, Treatment media leads Founder and CEO at Alternative Solutions Media by Howard Needle In light of the recent advertising restrictions imposed by Google, State of Florida and others, astute addiction treatment facility owners are rediscovering the power of branding their center through TV ads. Addiction does not discriminate – it knows no
  • TV Branding Campaigns Convert 10% or Better? - Howard W. Needle, Treatment media leads Founder and CEO at Alternative Solutions Media by Howard Needle It just seems to me that all too often treatment center owners invest their capital disproportionately in their facility and program at the expense of their marketing. They have the best qualified staff, a beautiful facility complemented by an
  • My Ride to the Top – Happy, Healthy, and Wiser than EVER! - Let me introduce myself: I’m Howard Needle, Founder and CEO of Alternative Solutions Media. I care very much about the people who I help recover from addiction and alcohol abuse, because I know what they are going through. Here is where I reveal the dark side of my past, and where I can tell you
  • Campaign Requests - Alternative Solutions Media is looking for distribution partners and independent sales professionals. Do you have an established contact base in the addiction treatment industry? Are you seeking to grow your inbound sales? Read on! Lucrative business partnership offering competitive compensation. Our partners set their own personal goals, hours, and work load. Unlimited opportunity! Inquire about