Building Your Rehab Center Brand

Industry thought leaders are not created within their community through flashy consumer ads every 30 minutes.

While consumer ads are often highly effective in most markets, connecting with new recovery clients often requires thought leadership and a strong brand name.

Thought leadership is demonstrating the knowledge and ability to serve their community. Thought leaders are not identified as “pitchmen” or “salesmen” and their impact on a community or industry goes far beyond the 30-second commercial.

Thought leaders are committed to improving the people, businesses and industry in which they work. The benefits of being a thought leader in your community and industry go far beyond the quick commercial. Thought leaders yield influence among their community and their peers. Their voice is heard over the ads because they have demonstrated knowledge and commitment to serving their clients.

Radio talk show advertising can help brand your rehab center and build your influence as a thought leader. A 30 or 60-minute talk show style question and answer program, delivered to a major American media market can guide consumers towards recognizing your rehab center as an industry leader. As your rehab center’s brand grows to be more well known and appreciated, potential clients and the public become engaged and interact with your community’s forum. The brand you develop causes industry people and consumers to become more involved with your company. This engagement is especially true of involvement through social media. Those people and businesses that recognize the influence of a thought leader, through the brand name, are much more readily converted into new clients.

Recovery industry knowledge and community power reflected through your branding can build a lifetime of a business. Talk show radio advertising is an excellent way to build that industry influence. Alternative Solutions Media offers a 13-week radio program commitment that can help you and your facility become an industry thought leader. Please call us today for more information and simple pricing for building your rehab center brand.


Our arsenal of marketing for the recovery industry does not stop at radio; we also offer pay-per-call national TV advertising at very reasonable rates.


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