Call Training for Rehab Center Admissions Staff

Rehab Center Call Training

Rehab center marketing is one of the most important tasks for any addiction treatment center. Marketing may begin with obtaining leads and prospects then continue through day one of a client’s inpatient recovery.

This process if also one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. To be on the receiving end of that fist phone call from an individual or family seeking treatment and then properly register them with a facility is a very fulfilling job.

Rehab center marketing can also be one of the most important.

A rehab center admissions department needs to be skilled enough to sell the caller successfully on that facility, compassionate towards the those calling and experienced enough to qualify the caller for payment.

With more than 25 years of direct marketing and sales experience, the president of Alternative Solutions Media, Mr. Howard Needle, has become an expert in converting those callers into clients. Using both radio and direct response TV advertising, Mr. Needle has turned tens of thousands of new leads into paying customers. Howard is one of the most influential voices in rehab center marketing. Over the decades, his skilled professional closing techniques have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

Alternative Solutions Media furnishes direct response advertising leads from both radio and television marketing. Howard works directly with rehab center clients, and while supervising and training, he passes his skills directly to the staff that is accepting the live incoming calls.

Receiving top quality inbound prospects is essential for successful rehab center marketing. However, the calls are only half of the equation. Having a properly trained admissions staff that will convert those calls into new clients is the other half of a successful marketing campaign. Alternative Solutions Media can train your rehab facility admissions staff. This experience can result in a much higher call closing ratio and a higher census.

As a result of this increased staff education and call training, your rehab facility will have stronger marketing results, lower lead cost, and a higher ROI.

Alternative Solutions Media’s personnel training can solve the problem of low call closing ratio. When including this on-site call training with a national branding campaign and direct response pay-per-call leads, rehab facilities can increase their census in just 30 days.

Call today and find out more about including staff training with 30-second pay-per-call leads.


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