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Discovery Network TV Special Series “Addiction Unplugged” Offering National Marketing Opportunities To Select Treatment Centers

One of the world’s leading cable networks, Discovery, is adding a 13 part unscripted docu-series titled ‘Addiction Unplugged’ to its all-star fall, prime-time line up. Addiction Unplugged takes their audience behind the scenes of this ragging epidemic to hear from

Effective Drug Rehab Marketing Through TV Advertising

Drug Rehab Marketing Even the best medical facilities in the world need marketing. New customers in the healthcare industry come and go like the ebb and flow of the tides. As more private addiction treatment facilities enter the marketplace, the

Cities Across U.S. See Rise in Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses

synthetic marijuana

Officials in cities across the United States are reporting a rise in overdoses related to synthetic marijuana, CNN reports. Police chiefs meeting in Washington this week said they need field tests to help them quickly determine whether suspects have taken