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Direct Response TV Advertising and its Importance to Recovery Facilities

Direct Response TV Advertising

Direct response ads on television create an emotional response that drives consumers to take action. These ads offer a solution for the TV viewer’s issues. Direct response advertising for recovery facilities motivates the customer to pick up the phone, dial

Lead Generation: Successful Pay-Per-Call Rehab Center Marketing

lead generation

Addiction treatment facilities should always be striving to develop consistent sources of new patient leads. Lead generation is the “name-of-the-game” in today’s recovery marketing. The world understands a facility’s commitment to serving recovery patients and working to improve their lives.

Working on the Weekends

direct response tv advertising

Have you ever noticed that a lot of online businesses shut down for the weekend? Blogs have no posts, forums & groups appear abandoned; even LinkedIn is pretty quiet. It seems like 48 hours of “out to lunch”. We want

Connecting to those seeking treatment through direct response TV advertising

direct response TV advertising

In American today, the most commonly used drug is alcohol. Whether it’s called booze, spirits, wine or beer it represents America’s number one drug problem. For many individuals and family members, alcohol abuse takes over all aspects of their life.

Fixed cost lead generation from national TV advertising

TV advertising

Our national TV advertising program offers unique lead generation for treatment centers, rehabs, and detox programs. Alternative Solutions Media works with traditional national media markets attracting qualified consumers to recovery treatment facilities. Through direct TV pay-per-call campaigns, our ads create