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Alternative Solutions Media Video Campaign

ASM Video Media Campaign by Howard Needle Alternative Solutions Media Video Media Campaign is the starter kit to recovery a home DVD series.

Rehab Centers: Gaining the Radio Advertising Advantage

Alternative Solutions Media is offering 60-second rehab center national radio advertising. This radio time is rehab center marketing at its finest! Starting next week, 60-second national radio spots will be airing in primary American markets from Monday through Friday during

The Success of Rehab Center Radio Advertising

Rehab center advertising over the radio has a measured and managed response that clients can optimize. Let Alternative Solutions Media help your facility to create a welcoming 30 or 60-minute welcoming talk show style radio advertisement. The show will air

The Art of the Admission

TV Advertising

Gaining new admissions each month can be a constant struggle for small rehab facilities. An excellent solution to this marketing challenge is pay-per-call leads. These leads are call-ins from direct response national TV advertising campaigns. The calls are routed directly

Rehab Center Marketing and Training of Admissions Department Staff

Rehab Center Marketing

The rehab center marketing toolkit. #1 Pay-Per-Call live leads #2 Training of admissions staff to successfully interact with call-in leads #3 National TV and radio branding campaign Does your rehab facility have empty beds on a regular basis? Your business

Alternative Solutions Media Celebrates Four Years of Business Success

Alternative Solutions Lead Generation

Alternative Solutions A note from the president of Alternative Solutions Media, Mr. Howard Needle. National advertising and media buying is a serious competitive business in America. Success in today’s digital advertising world requires market experience.┬áThe past 25 years, throughout my

Direct Response Television Advertising

direct response television advertising

Alternative Solutions Media is a full-service marketing firm working strictly with private alcohol and substance abuse facilities in America. Mr. Howard Needle is the president of this advertising company. Howard’s personal experiences of recovery, during the past eight years, have

How recovery facilities can create national awareness campaigns.

direct TV advertising

Why do you think Passages Malibu spends so much money on TV advertising? This successful facility understands that direct TV advertising works exceptionally well for recovery treatment centers. Direct television advertising is an efficient method for Passages Malibu to gain

National TV Awareness Campaigns

Recovery treatment advertising

Alternative Solutions Media is providing online advertisements to several facilities that participate in our national pay-per-call awareness TV campaigns. Clients can choose from raw calls, 30-second buffered calls and even a 60-second buffered call. This program is available in all

Awareness Campaigns Needed on National TV

Recovery Center

The drug epidemic in the United States continues to take its toll. About 75 percent of new heroin users first became hooked on prescription opiates, before turning to heroin. All facilities must make awareness. Our firm has national Pay Per