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TV Advertising Remains the Leader

TV Advertising

Media experts reported in 2014 that Internet advertising and online digital ads have been shown to produce some splendid results. However, digital content can’t deliver the reach that television can offer. TV advertising is just good business, and national pay-per-call

Direct response TV ads – How to measure your success

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Unless a company was created as a non-profit organization, being a successful business means generating a profitable bottom line. When company executives do their jobs well, the company turns a profit, sells many products and everyone is happy. That’s how

How recovery facilities can create national awareness campaigns.

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Why do you think Passages Malibu spends so much money on TV advertising? This successful facility understands that direct TV advertising works exceptionally well for recovery treatment centers. Direct television advertising is an efficient method for Passages Malibu to gain

Treatment Center Advertising

Drug Addiction

If you have a loved one with a drug or alcohol addiction, you may be looking for ways to help that person. Addiction is a chronic disease, marked by uncontrollable cravings for a substance. Individuals with a drug or alcohol

Substance Abuse Awareness

Direct Response Television

With all the new statistics on opiate abuse and flakka the new drug on the street . Treatment facility’s must make awareness via national TV campaigns. Our firm offers awareness nationwide on a pay per call basis. Calls come direct

Seeking Treatment

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In today’s world , a lot of people do not have insurance to seek treatment for substance abuse or financially suitable to meet treatment facility’s requirements. On the other hand many do have insurance or financial assistance. Alternative Solutions Media

National TV Advertising for Recovery Facilities

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Since I started Alternative Solutions Media in 2011, I have learned much about this developing industry. Today, I continue to expand my knowledge of marketing for rehab facilities and tools that can be used when reaching out to those in

Addiction Treatment Options

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I believe no addict chooses to become addicted, but with your strong and urgent appeal, the addict can and will choose to get clean. Please contact our firm to allow us to e mail the national spots that airs thru

Addiction Awareness Campaigns

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I have been on LinkedIn for about 4 years and I read great posts about facility’s across the country discussing their treatment programs, guidelines, rules, laws etc. but in my opinion the person seeking treatment is not on LinkedIn. We

National awareness TV campaign

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Taking that first step to rid your life of drugs and alcohol requires a giant leap of faith. The life that you’ve come to know is about to change dramatically. And while those changes require patience and some discomfort, any