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Radio Drug Rehab Advertising Can Work For Your Addiction Treatment Facility

If your facility is not operating at a full census, it may be time to evaluate your marketing and build a more efficient drug rehab advertising campaign. Radio has been around since the 1940’s, and while the technology has not

Does Your Rehab Center Need TV or National Radio Advertising?

Try Our National Radio Advertising Welcome to Alternative Solutions Media, advertising for companies in the rehab and addiction treatment industry. We specialize in creating national advertising and awareness programs for recovery facilities. If your rehab center needs a quality connection

Cities Across U.S. See Rise in Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses

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Officials in cities across the United States are reporting a rise in overdoses related to synthetic marijuana, CNN reports. Police chiefs meeting in Washington this week said they need field tests to help them quickly determine whether suspects have taken

I’m Howard Needle and I Never Give Up

Howard Needle

Howard Needle As a young man, I made some poor decisions and mistakes. The enormous wealth that accompanied success throughout my career created many opportunities for lapses in judgement. I made some wrong choices. In fact, Googling my name brings

Confidential Confessions of Those Seeking Treatment via Pay-Per-Call 

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All of our clients are confidential. We comply with both the Privacy Act and HIPAA. Client privacy is a paramount issue in any business. That fact is especially true regarding client privacy in the medical profession. This story does not

2015 Remission Rates Provide Better Outcome Measures for Substance Use Disorder Treatments


2015 Remission Rates Provide Better Outcome Measures for Substance Use Disorder Treatments

Awareness Campaigns Needed on National TV

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The drug epidemic in the United States continues to take its toll. About 75 percent of new heroin users first became hooked on prescription opiates, before turning to heroin. All facilities must make awareness. Our firm has national Pay Per

Addiction Awareness Campaigns

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I have been on LinkedIn for about 4 years and I read great posts about facility’s across the country discussing their treatment programs, guidelines, rules, laws etc. but in my opinion the person seeking treatment is not on LinkedIn. We

Seeking Treatment

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Alternative Solutions Media is always looking for quality facilities around the country to partner with and provide quality care to people struggling with addiction. Call us and let’s discuss how we can work together to fight addiction and help those

National awareness TV campaign

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Taking that first step to rid your life of drugs and alcohol requires a giant leap of faith. The life that you’ve come to know is about to change dramatically. And while those changes require patience and some discomfort, any