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National Rehab Center Radio Advertising Produces Results

National rehab center radio advertising is a cost efficient method of sending a message of recovery out to million of people across America. Radio is quickly becoming a favorite tool for advertising a treatment and addiction business because it can

Rehab Center Leads From National Radio Advertising

Alternative Solutions Media is in the business of drug rehab marketing. Using national radio and television advertising each month, client’s can generate a consistent supply of rehab center leads. Radio has always proven to be a powerful medium that directly

Rehab Center Marketing: Is Your Facility Doing Enough?

New rehab center clients are the reason most of us can get a paycheck each week. It’s an awful thing to say that one’s income depends on the sickness of others. However, doctors and surgeons don’t view their role in

Marketing a Rehab Center: How to Gain New Clients

“The recovery business is all about insured clients and making money.”┬áNo, it’s not. The rehab center business is all about caring for people. Don’t forget the life-saving outcomes that drug and alcohol recovery provide those in treatment. Don’t forget about

New One Minute National Radio Advertising Spots for Rehab Centers

Alternative Solutions Media is proud to announce a brand new national radio advertising spot created specifically for rehab center marketing. We now have available 60-second pre-recorded ads for any rehab center nationwide. You have your choice of favorite national city

Radio Advertising Works, Get the Fact!

Full Radio Fact Sheet

National Rehab Center Radio Advertising: How to Get Started

National rehab center radio advertising has been producing positive results across America. Alternative Solutions Media produces a targeted 13-week educational radio program in talk show format. During the show, our focus is not entirely on the number of calls but

Marketing of Substance Abuse Treatment

During national TV advertising for substance abuse treatment facilities, we care about helping all of those people calling in for recovery information. If an individual or their family member reaches out from a national television advertisement, it is our desire

13 Weeks of Rehab Center Radio Promotion

At Alternative Solutions Media our experienced media executives can generate, 30 and 60-minute educational rehab center radio programs in a talk show format. Our clients have the option to choose any major American media market, and we engage the top

Indian Bob Joins With Alternative Solutions Radio; Rehab Center Radio

Rehab Center Radio Indian Bob, the host of the Recovery Radio Raw Program, has teamed up with Alternative Solutions Media to help create each of the company’s 13 week, 30 and 60-minute radio programs that promote rehab facilities. Bob is