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Addiction Recovery Leads – The Best Pay-Per-Call Programs

Direct Response Marketing

Television advertising through Alternative Solutions Media reaches millions of people each day. This direct response TV advertising generates unique addiction recovery leads for treatment centers, rehabs, and detox programs. Using these direct response TV ads, a facility’s expectations for return

Additional Facility Promotion, Advertising & Marketing

TV Advertising and Marketing

Team up with Alternative Solutions Media and receive additional publicity and media exposure for your facility. Occasionally, we partner with top addiction treatment services and media agencies. Many pay-per-call advertising campaigns with our firm even include outside promotional services. Our

Results Driven Direct Response Advertising for Rehab & Recovery Facilities

Direct Response TV Advertising

The mission of Alternative Solutions Media is to create successful, results-driven marketing for our rehab facility clients. Our team often refers to direct response media as “accountable advertising.” In this style of marketing, customers are asked to respond immediately to

Treatment Centers for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Treatment Center Staff

Drug or alcohol addiction is a severe issue in America. Drinking and substance abuse can destroy an individual’s life or an entire family’s hopes and dreams. Addiction and alcoholism can also lead to serious health problems. Fortunately, there are many

TV Advertising Remains the Leader

TV Advertising

Media experts reported in 2014 that Internet advertising and online digital ads have been shown to produce some splendid results. However, digital content can’t deliver the reach that television can offer. TV advertising is just good business, and national pay-per-call