Connecting to those seeking treatment through direct response TV advertising

direct response TV advertising

In American today, the most commonly used drug is alcohol. Whether it’s called booze, spirits, wine or beer it represents America’s number one drug problem. For many individuals and family members, alcohol abuse takes over all aspects of their life. Alcoholism can damage a person’s emotional stability, family finances, long-term health, and destroy families.

Fortunately in America, thousands of excellent treatment facilities and recovery programs are readily available.

Unfortunately, even the finest recovery centers will fall short of their organization’s goals if no one learns of their facility’s services. Those suffering from the long term effects of alcohol issues, and their family members, need to make that initial connection with a recovery service.

There are many routes to rehabilitation and forging that first connection is an important task for the healing process. That meaningful first phone call, which reaches out for help from a treatment facility, is a vital stride away from the ravages of alcohol abuse. As an advertising and marketing company, being successful broadcasting that recovery message and creating that first link to those in need is a powerful motivator.

Persons already in the recovery process will utilize many different types of treatment at various times during their recovery.┬áThose in need of treatment and their family members, gain this opportunity from being exposed to direct response TV advertising of recovery treatment centers. This kind of recovery marketing, asks the viewer to take immediate action. During the ad, a toll-free number will appear on the TV screen, and the content of the commercial is a call to action for the viewer to pick up the phone. Direct response TV advertising has proven to be a successful tool for connecting those seeking recovery directly a the facility’s admissions department. Incoming calls from direct TV advertising create a media bridge for those seeking help and the professionals that can quickly provide it.

If your company has an expansive budget to produce an original commercial, buy national media spots and supervise the incoming calls; then TV advertising is a good start. If your company operates on a more restrictive budget and still wants to benefit from direct response TV advertising, then a pay-per-call campaign might be precisely what your business needs. During a pay-per-call advertising campaign, the facility knows in advance the time of incoming calls and the maximum number that marketing drive will deliver.

Direct response TV advertising can quickly introduce a treatment facility to a broad national audience. Alternative Solutions Media provides immediate and trackable pay-per-call results. The cost of the campaign is pre-determined in advance plus the number of incoming calls is monitored and evaluated.

Today in America, one in every 12 adults suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence. If you manage or work for one of the exceptional facilities with the ability to provide treatment, call us today and allow us to get your message out to those in need. Make that all-important direct connection using a pay-per-call campaign. Phone Alternative Solutions Media today and we can have your ad up and running in as little as 3-5 days from cleared payment. Call Howard Needle at 561-281-2020 or Adam Goldman at 561-768-1716


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