Rehab Centers and Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response Marketing is a targeted and specific type of advertising or selling. In this kind of ad, consumers are delivered a call-to-action and asked to complete a task such as dialing a toll-free number or filling out a response form. The act of a customer creating that response is considered a measurable positive outcome from the ad.

In the case of addiction treatment marketing and rehab center advertising, a response usually means a toll-free call at the admissions desk of the rehab center. The ad tells consumers to seek addition information by calling a number that connects them to a center’s admissions department.

In the recovery industry, direct response television and radio ads are popular highly effective at garnering new clients.

After a direct response ad campaign, customers and advertisers can instantly review the data collected from the total number of responses and determine if the campaign was a success. The cost per lead can also be calculated from the immediate details available from the campaign.

Direct response advertising elicits a measured outcome. Only minutes after the ad has run, the percentage of good responses vs. bad responses and “no interaction” can be reviewed.

Direct marketing, is not direct response marketing and many people get these confused. Direct marketing, without the “response”, is a kind of selling where the advertiser directly contacts customers and buyers. This kind of program may cast a wider net to a more broad audience.

Alternative Solutions Media offers several types of direct response radio and television marketing.

Pay-per-call marketing generates two kinds of programs. The first rehab center lead is called a raw call. Raw calls emerge from 30 and 60-second TV advertisements that air each week in cities across the United States. The ads are usually initiated through a toll-free number on the TV screen during the ad, and then routed or connected to a rehab center’s desk. Raw calls are a very popular marketing tool as with other direct response products, the outcome from the ads can be tallied in a short period after all ads have run. The raw call produces the lowest price ad of its kind.

The second type of call-in lead is the buffer call. These offer the receiver a window of time to qualify the lead before generating a charge or cost to the client. If the rehab center determines this client will not qualify, then the call can be terminated without incurring any cost.

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