Direct Response Television Advertising

direct response television advertising

Alternative Solutions Media is a full-service marketing firm working strictly with private alcohol and substance abuse facilities in America. Mr. Howard Needle is the president of this advertising company.

Howard’s personal experiences of recovery, during the past eight years, have furnished him with extraordinary insight on how to better serve his facility clients. Professional marketing for rehab services has become Howard’s mechanism for helping others and building a better world.

By specializing in national TV and radio advertising, Alternative Solutions’ experienced marketing team can produce ads, purchase media time and handle the task of establishing your company’s brand.

For those facilities without an extensive budget or the time it takes to build a national brand, Alternative Solutions offers several highly effective pay-per-call national TV advertising program. These campaigns include raw calls along with 30-second and 60-second buffer calls that generate incoming live call leads. The 30 and 60-second buffer calls provide the facility’s staff time on the phone to qualify prospects before being charged for the incoming call lead.

For more information on these programs, please visit our website and fill out invitation form.

Pay-per-call marketing programs drive sales leads directly to a client’s facility. The TV message is a call to action instructing the consumer to respond to a toll-free number. This advertising is designed to generate an instantaneous emotional response from viewers.

This process moves the customer closer to purchase an actual product. The dynamic activity of direct response advertising is highly trackable. A DRTV campaign provides almost instant feedback on the success or failure of ads. As potential clients call into the facility, it is well known what advertisement solicited the call and on what station the ad aired.

Direct response television advertising is an excellent method for a recovery facility to gain new clients. Advertising through Alternative Solutions Media offers some of the most attractive pricing for this kind of marketing across the industry.

Call us today and see what direct response television advertising can do for your business.
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