Direct Response TV Advertising and its Importance to Recovery Facilities

Direct Response TV Advertising

Direct response ads on television create an emotional response that drives consumers to take action. These ads offer a solution for the TV viewer’s issues.

Direct response advertising for recovery facilities motivates the customer to pick up the phone, dial a toll-free number in search of addiction treatment for themselves, a friend, or a family member. By placing the call, viewers are actively seeking help with their problems. The ad drives shoppers further down the road towards completing the purchase.
Direct TV advertising can give national ad campaigns a competitive advantage over web or print ads. TV ads are cost-effective, and a vital method of acquiring new customers and building recognition for a national brand.

Call your customers to action and build your brand

Pay-per-call campaigns generate leads for direct-to-consumer sales. A pay-per-call campaign through Alternation Solutions Media can be set up and generating leads just a few days after the campaign’s completed design. This type of direct response advertising can be a valuable tool for building name recognition and expanding a corporate brand.

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To help build long-term growth and success for your recovery treatment center, we can travel to your area, visit your facility and review your operation. We always want to meet the decision makers, sit face to face and discuss your TV and radio advertising needs. If you are building a national brand or engaging in lead generation through pay-per-click campaigns, Alternative Solution has the potential to introduce your company’s product to a large national audience.

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