Direct Response TV Advertising. Accountable Marketing

Direct Response TV Advertising

“Trust us, we are experts” is a line we have all heard coming from marketing or advertising companies.

However, the business of direct response advertising does not need to be powered by trust. Direct response TV advertising is accountable media. Moments after a client interacts with the TV call-in lead, input is available on the success or failure of that lead. Any firm that purchases pay-per-call leads can measure the quality of the incoming leads by the ratio of new paying clients as measured against the “no sales.” This conversion ratio is how many companies determine what marketing company will receive their future ad budget spending. If direct response TV leads are converting well, and your facility is filling beds, the marketing company will likely receive continued media buys. If no call-in leads are closed, and no beds are filled, then it’s likely the facility will not work with the marketing company in the future. There is no real trust here, this is a numbers game. This type of business creates accountability in marketing. It yields an accountable marketing slogan more like, “Trust us, our direct response leads create new clients 5-7% of the time.”

However, there is another variable to this sales platform that gets overlooked. This variable is telephone sales training for the facility staff. Telephone sales and interaction with potential clients over the phone requires a skilled and experienced voice. When receiving direct response TV advertising, the person answering the phone needs the training that will allow them to understand what message should be conveyed to the prospect and how to deliver it. The admissions department staff needs the training to close the sale while remaining compassionate throughout their interaction with a new potential client.

Alternative Solutions Media can deliver quality pay-per-call leads from national TV advertising. Additionally, our staff can also visit your facility anywhere in the United States and train your admissions personnel to convert callers efficiently into clients. The more successful your phone conversions, the lower cost your facility will have in filling those empty beds.

We understand how to generate more cost-effective marketing campaigns by converting more leads into actual clients.
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