Discovery Network TV Special Series “Addiction Unplugged” Offering National Marketing Opportunities To Select Treatment Centers

One of the world’s leading cable networks, Discovery, is adding a 13 part unscripted docu-series titled ‘Addiction Unplugged’ to its all-star fall, prime-time line up. Addiction Unplugged takes their audience behind the scenes of this ragging epidemic to hear from real addicts caught up in the nightmare and treatment experts who are helping them find recovery. These are real people baring their tortured souls to the camera so that others can learn from their mistakes. The show humanizes addiction and recovery through the raw personal lens of the people effected, including family and loved ones.

98 million Discovery Network TV homes in the U.S. will be able to see Addiction Unplugged along with an additional 480 million network TV homes (projected) in Asia.

You Can Be The Star Of This Exciting New Show!

Addiction Unplugged is looking for marketing partners who have the background and talent to complement a variety of segments in the show. You or your spokesperson will be filmed providing informative commentary on show segments. Then your production will be seamlessly edited into the program. Your commentary will be the gravity that holds the episode together.

Your episode will feature you or your spokesperson and treatment center for 5 minutes – and it will air three times on the Discovery Network!

In addition, your name and treatment center will appear on screen. Plus, you will also be able to add a call to action including your phone number that goes directly to your call center and/or website in the lower third of the screen.

We use a combination of brand placement techniques and real, valuable content for viewers to generate a positive association with getting addiction treatment, specifically at the facility that is in the episode.

Your episode will air 3 times on the Discovery Network; first in prime time at its scheduled day this fall, a second time later on the same day and once again during prime time in the 1st quarter of 2019.


– Episodes are thirty (30) minutes in length; the show is twenty-two (22) minutes of produced, non-scripted content.
– In the U.S., the show will be featured on Discovery’s TLC channel and shown again on a Discovery sister channel, on the streaming apps, and on-demand platforms (Discovery GO) during the 4th quarter 2018.
– We are planning to rerun the episodes from the first season in 1st quarter 2019.
– Cleared in the U.S. for projected 98 million network TV homes and projected 480 million network TV homes in Asia.
– Projected clearance for Pan European (362 million), India (352 million), Germany (38 million), S. Africa (26 million), Russia (52 million), Netherlands (8 million), Australia (4 million), Canada and Brazil.


– Featured treatment center includes filming at your center with selected staff and center alumni.
– At least five (5) minutes at your center and/or with the center’s “mentor.”
– In-program “commercial bumper” with center’s alumni – Unplugged Story.
– Mass exposure with: TV time, digital impressions, commercial spots before and after the original airing of the show, commercial spots before and after the rerun airing of the show, streaming app, on-demand platform, public relation exposure, promotions, special events and other publicity and inclusion on Addiction Unplugged website.

Plus Get Help/Call To Action

– Phone calls
– Digital form-fill leads from website
– In-program “Get Help” call to action
– Promotion and Events call to action
– Community events “Sponsored by Addiction Unplugged”
– Get Help digital vignettes
– Featured on “Addiction Unplugged” marketing packet

Find out how you can be part of ‘Addiction Unplugged’ and get in front of nearly 100 million domestic TVs by calling the “Rainmaker” Howard Needle at Alternative Solution Media LLC – the exclusive agency of record for marketing the Featured Treatment Centers/Get Help. 561-281-2020

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