Effective Drug Rehab Marketing Through TV Advertising

Drug Rehab Marketing

Even the best medical facilities in the world need marketing. New customers in the healthcare industry come and go like the ebb and flow of the tides.

As more private addiction treatment facilities enter the marketplace, the competition for new clients has been heating up. Climbing to the top of Google’s search results, either through expensive SEO work or AdWords is one way to increase a treatment facility’s chances of success.

Another proven method of connecting new clients with a rehab center is television advertising. PricewaterhouseCoopers is forecasting that the U.S. will end 2015 with TV ad revenues of around $71.1 billion. Over the next four years, that figure will top $81 billion. Companies spend on television advertising because it works. Rehab centers buy leads generated from TV ads because the ROI is excellent and TV ads are highly effective at delivering new rehab center clients.

Television reaches out to homes and connects with people in the privacy of their living rooms and bedrooms. This ability of TV ads to reach a viewer, at home, may also increase the likelihood of that person reaching out for information through the toll-free number appearing on his TV. During a campaign, our rehab center clients gain concentrated TV advertising across entire metropolitan areas.

ASM TV campaigns can saturate any major American media market with ads throughout the day.

TV Advertising for Rehab Centers is Highly Effective

Within weeks, your addiction treatment facility can be receiving daily incoming callers responding to a 26-week campaign custom designed for your business. This rehab center marketing focuses on people seeking treatment for substance abuse.

The specialists working for Alternative Solutions can build a robust advertising campaign around 30-second direct response TV marketing.

ASM currently has six-month rehab center campaigns in top American markets. Each package delivery between 3,000 and 5,000 30-second ads per campaign. This number of spots usually averages out to over 150 each week for a continuous 26-week term.

If you represent a drug rehab center and wish to increase your admissions through TV advertising, call our specialist Mr. Howard Needle.

Toll-free at 855-509-0811

Our television advertising also produces very effective pay-per-call rehab center leads. If your facility is operating on a smaller budget, pay-per-call leads may be of great benefit to your program. ASM can create a campaign as small as 100 calls or as large at 1,000 live call-in leads. To learn more, please visit our website at http://www.alternativesolutionsmedia.com

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