The engine that drives the success of is our Sales and Licensing Team!

Our products and services require a sophisticated knowledge of the cellular phone industry and the ability to understand and converse with high level representatives at a variety of businesses which would benefit from the purchase and/or licensing of one of our #codes.

We are very pleased that heading up of our Sales and Licensing Team is Howard Needle, our Chief Marketing Officer.

Before acquiring , our Investor Group realized that finding a superior head for our marketing and sales division was critical, because as most business people would agree the key to the success of a sales dependent business is to build out a sales and marketing department that’s ready to hit the ground running.

Our Investor Group put their money where their mouth by sparing no expense when setting up our Sales and Licensing Team. This investment has served them well, Howard’s abilities, attitude and experience working at a number of high level sales positions with extremely successful companies, has allowed us to put together a very strong support team. Call now for all licensing questions 561-281-2020

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