Fixed cost lead generation from national TV advertising

TV advertising

lead generationOur national TV advertising program offers unique lead generation for treatment centers, rehabs, and detox programs.

Alternative Solutions Media works with traditional national media markets attracting qualified consumers to recovery treatment facilities. Through direct TV pay-per-call campaigns, our ads create thousands of qualified leads each week.

Alternative Solutions provides fixed cost leads in the form of raw calls, 30-second buffered calls, and 60-second buffered calls. All incoming leads are routed directly to admissions departments at a pre-selected time of the facility’s choosing. We service all 50 states and can build a lead call program for any budget.

Our clients are in the business of helping people. We understand that facilities must engage in ethical marketing campaigns while maintaining a profitable bottom line. In a fiercely competitive marketplace, our advertisements create a quality brand of national advertising that can help build a positive reputation for your facility.

National recovery treatment services have come to rely on Alternative Solutions Media for their fixed rate pay-per-call campaigns. We can maximize a facilities exposure and maintain small reasonable fixed cost campaigns.

This program only requires a 3-5 day set up time. To learn more, please call our team at (561) 281-2020.

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