To all my friends and followers, especially my clients, I’d like to wish each end every one of you a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.

In this, my last post for 2018, I’d also like to thank my clients for another banner year here at Alternative Solutions Media. It’s through our collective efforts, with me doing your marketing and you delivering life saving treatment, that so many more people are alive and in recovery today to enjoy a holiday with close friends and family. Our work has been very challenging, but the rewards make it all worth it!

To all of you that I haven’t worked with, I’m offering a New Year’s resolution that can change the face of this deadly drug epidemic. I sincerely hope you make the pledge to: stop trying to be all things in your business model and focus on treatment. Far too many of you are fumbling around trying to be marketers, and in doing so, are failing your business and clients miserably. A relapse rate of upwards of 90% for opioids should give you the first clue that you need to spend all of your time developing effective treatment modalities and stop experimenting with marketing. If you continue doing what you are, combined with current market trends that will extend far beyond 2019, you’ll be out of business before 2020. Why would you even risk such a thing when you can partner with a industry leading marketing firm while you develop a first class treatment program? Sounds crazy, right?!

On top of a 25 year career in marketing financial products, I have nearly 10 years successfully marketing treatment centers. Thru our proven marketing plans, my team and I have been the direct conduit between 1000s of addicts and treatment centers during my tenure in this field. Alternative Solutions Media’s marketing plans are legendary and a staple in many successful treatment centers across the country. My renewal rate far exceeds the norms. That being said, there is no way on this green earth that you can match or exceed my level of marketing acumen. It’s a fact that Alternative Solutions Media has developed into a leader in treatment center marketing, period.

The truth of the matter is that I care as much about your clients, and at times, more than I care about you. I was once one of those people wandering around aimlessly looking for help. I was one of the fortunate ones who went through treatment and I’m in recovery to this day. I know I’m blessed and I remind myself of that every morning when I wake up.  But more to the point, I know what these people are feeling and going through. Not only do I apply those emotion experiences to your marketing program so to make the connection with someone who desperately needs your help, at your request I’ll even come to your facility and teach your admissions staff how to be human to a suffering human being reaching out for help.

My wish for you this season is a happy and safe holiday with a prosperous and healthy New Year full of wisdom, vision and new opportunities. My gift to you is a free marketing consultation that will facilitate my New Year’s wish for you. It doesn’t cost you a penny to call me. When you do, I will review where you have been and what needs to be done to achieve your 2019 goals. You’ll find that we have a plethora of proven effective marketing plans that can fit the skinniest of budgets. Any one of these plans can and will connect you with the people who are in such dire need of your help.

Ring in the New Year with a novel new marketing plan for success or go out of business. The decision is yours and only yours. Should you choose success, call me Howard Needle @ 561-281-2020 or email me through this website.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas

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