Good Addiction Treatment Centers Need Exceptional Marketing

TV Advertising and Marketing

Howard W. Needle, Treatment media leads Founder and CEO at Alternative Solutions Media

by Howard Needle

The posts I see here and on other social media sites from addiction treatment centers never cease to amaze me. All the talk about how great their program is just seems to me as borderline bragging. I often wonder if they ever injure their shoulder patting themselves on the back. The posts also make me question their marketing acumen. Why are you marketing to your friends in the field?! Although the ‘likes’ you’re getting from your colleges may make you feel good, they’re not bring one dime into your facility.

Addiction treatment centers are no different that toaster ovens. To be successful in any field you have to create product awareness and an indelible brand of your product in the minds of your potential clients. You could have the best treatment program in the world; but if no one knows about it, what good is it?

It’s time to quit being a contortionist and call the ‘Rainmaker.’ Over eight years ago I started Alternative Solutions Media, a boutique addiction treatment ad agency, with you in mind. In that time I’ve helped hundreds of centers brand their facilities, find new clients and grow their bottom line – and I can do the same thing for you.

Posts and social media ads are great, but your words superimposed over someone standing on the beach at sunset with their arms extended towards the sky will never rival the combined power of audio and visual that TV brings. TV is an emotional medium that touches the heart and souls of its viewers – something social media posts and ads simply cannot do.

Our TV branding campaign is completely turn-key – after our initial consultation and with your approval we will:
– Compile market research
– Develop media strategy
– Recommend creative
– Write, produce, film and edit 1 – 60 second TV commercial
– Place media buy
– Reconcile any errors with the appropriate TV outlet

Moreover, our media planners and buyers have a proprietary program that correlates shows watched by above average income viewers with the quality of their private insurance. That means we can expose your 60 second TV commercial to viewers who have policies with insurance providers that have the highest reimbursement rates!

My TV branding campaigns start around $25,000.00 and produces approximately 1,000 – 60 second exposures that are seen on top TV shows in major cities across the country. You can choose the cities where you want your TV commercial to air or we can do it for you. Imagine the number of people you’ll reach and the frequency that they’ll see your TV commercial when you tell your story – 60 seconds at a time – to people in a major market 1,000 times a month. You can expect 3 to 7 new clients walking into your facility every month!

So what are you waiting for? This campaign will bring you new clients day in and day out. Take advantage of over eight years of addiction treatment marketing by calling me, Howard ‘The Rainmaker’ Needle right now at 561-281-2020, email me at and visit my site

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