Highly Effective Rehab Center Advertising

The advertising business can be complicated and expensive. For this reason, it is important to find a marketing company with experience and industry savvy.

Here are some tips for helping your addiction treatment facility to engage in highly effective rehab center advertising.

1 – Be proactive in your advertising choices. Don’t sit back and let your competition gain the advantage. If your business can improve with more radio or television advertising, make the commitment and budget funds for regular campaigns.

2 – Begin each rehab center radio marketing campaign with a specific outcome in mind. Understand how the radio campaign works and what the feedback means regarding success or failure. Rate your success from the numbers and feedback received through each campaign. Recognizing past outcomes, adjust the next campaign for a higher possibility of success.

3 – Put successful marketing on top and drop the campaigns that consistently produce a poor outcome. Is the pay-per-click Internet campaign producing new clients each week? Perhaps it’s time to drop that expense.

4 – Be consistent. If a 26-week television advertising campaign has worked for you in the past, continue using that medium. If new clients surface every time TV ads are aired in the Northeast, then pick up the next campaign airing in New England. Learn what works for your rehab center and consistently apply that knowledge.

Radio ads from Alternative Solutions Media can be targeted for any American media market. The 60-second radio ad is a pre-recorded segment that was created to engage those seeking information on drug addiction treatment and recovery. Targeting radio ads for various groups of radio listeners is easy because radio stations are already distributed by format. From country listeners to news stations, the program format qualifies each group of listeners. Alternative Solutions Media can create a national radio campaign for your rehab center and target particular consumers or regions of the country. Radio advertising can deliver rehab center leads for your recovery facility.

Affordable radio advertising can help deliver:

  • Greater lead volume
  • Higher lead quality
  • Substantially lower cost per lead
  • Reduced cost per admission

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