Our Marketing Mission is to Help People

Decades ago in the late 1980’s and 1990’s, I was sometimes referred to as the “boiler room” king. I ran a hugely successful commodity trading firm with many brokers and telephones packed into one large luxury office space. I worked hard each day often pushing the limits of telemarketing and my firm became one of the most prolific financial sales firms in the nation. This success led to great wealth.

At that time, I believed that wealth and profits had guided me to the pinnacle of my career. Of course, along with the wealth and success came a certain lifestyle that chipped away a the very foundation of my existence.

Howard NeedleAfter that peak, I barely survived the many trials and tribulations that were to follow. However, I am still here. Even through the hard times, I never forgot the caring and dedication of those people that aided in my recovery. I will not forget the kind souls that picked me up and gave me the courage and strength to keep moving ahead. For those individuals that afforded me time and consideration that pulled me from the abyss, their assistance was never about money. They never envisioned me as a number or an insurance policy or a hot referral. During that rocky time in life, those who came to my aid saw me as a person and granted me the healing I needed to emerge from those depths.

Recovery has crafted me into a more robust individual aware of the lives around me and the people I can touch through my work. Since those days, almost a decade ago, I’ve never forgotten how critical it was to connect people to recovery during their time of need.

Just as I had received support almost a decade ago, today, I am focused on giving back and helping others.

I am back on top again in this game of life. From my health to my finances, I score very high marks. However, this time around, I am better prepared for the journey. My most important career advancement is that I have developed a heart. In my work at Alternative Solutions Media, it is most important that I care for those seeking substance abuse treatment. Our advertising and marketing connect those seeking treatment with a recovery facility and it’s not just about the money.

I will never forget rock bottom! I will always recognize those seeking recovery, just as I once was, as real person troubled with alcohol abuse or addiction. Those people asking for our help entering treatment are more than just a dollar figure or an insurance policy. We need to look beyond the number and help that person in need. I’ve made this commitment and worked each day to help these fathers, sons, sisters and mothers get the recovery help they need.

If you devote a part of your career to helping others and run an ardent recovery facility, I invite you to give me a call today. Let’s work together to fill your rehab center with real people desperately seeking our help. Let’s work together towards growing your healthy alumni and not just your bank balance.

Alternative Solutions Media if a full-service media and advertising company. Our services include corporate branding, lead generation, admissions department training and direct response national pay-per-call lead programs. We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the country. I look forward to talking with you. ~Howard Needle


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