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Howard Needle President of Alternative Solutions Media

Alternative Solutions Media offers national pay-per-call direct response TV advertising for rehab centers and addiction treatment facilities. Our publicity and marketing programs can send calls directly to a rehab center’s admission department during a predetermined day and time. Information reports and custom data is available for each campaign.Howard Needle

A rehab center does not need to spend a fortune on video production or media buys, Howard Needle will handle all the broadcast arrangements. Your business can begin accepting calls and talking with new potential clients usually within three to five days after signing up with Alternative Solutions Media. Howard Needle has crafted a rehab center marketing program that generates live call-in leads and potential new patients for any addiction treatment facility in the United States. More call-in leads & stronger lead generation may also translate into a higher census for your facility. Howard Needle handles national campaigns each week. How many calls your service handle?

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Howard Needle

Talk to Mr. Howard Needle, the president of Alternative Solutions Media, and create a blueprint for your facility’s future marketing success. Howard is a veteran advertising executive and can design an aggressive pay-per-call campaign or improve on your company’s national branding. Mr. Needle can help you to determine which incoming lead call is suitable for your business and how to qualify callers during that first 30 or 60 seconds. Buffer calls provide the facility with 30 or 60 seconds to qualify a client before there is a charge for the call-in lead. If the admissions staff terminated a call before the 30 or 60-second deadline, there is no cost for the lead.

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