I Care About Others

Nearly ten years ago when I started Alternative Solutions Media, it was my mission to help as many addicts find recovery as I possibly could by providing treatment centers with proven effective marketing plans that would get their message out to the people who so desperately needed their help. You see, it just wasn’t that long ago when it was me who needed help. I distinctly remember meandering around second guessing myself and with a false sense of confidence that I could beat my addiction by myself. I vividly recall the shame I felt for getting myself into this and the guilt for what I had done to the people around me, especially those I was closest with.

Just knowing that there are people out there who are making the same mistakes I was and need the help I was so fortunate to receive pushes me every morning to put my feet on the floor and make something happen.

It is those emotions and memories, and more like them, that has driven me all these years to continue to be one of the leading addiction treatment marketing professionals. Over the time that I’ve been marketing treatment facilities, I’ve had the distinct honor of meeting some great facility owners and their accomplished staff who have terrific programs. I’ll share the same advice with you as I did with a lot of them; ‘what good is it if nobody knows about it?’

I can say this with complete authority because I was once the guy looking for help and couldn’t quite find the right fit. I was also in treatment and recovery with a group of people who had the same experience. We had that conversation on many occasions and all thought there must be a better way.

As the old adage goes; ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same.’ It’s been a while since I was in treatment, but I can tell you that many of the same barriers that slowed me from getting treatment still exist today.

People are more likely to go to the facility they are most familiar with. It’s just a plain and simple fact. Anyone in the marketing business worth their salt will tell you the same. The challenge is finding the right people to communicate with.

I can help you with that. Alternative Solutions Media is a boutique advertising agency that has been successfully promoting addiction treatment centers for nearly ten years. We cut our teeth in the industry by producing relatable TV commercials that resonate with addicts and their families. We schedule air time, targeting addicts and their families, for our clients in major cities across the U.S. Our TV campaigns are legendary; as is the success they continue to produce for our clients. Our renewal rate is unprecedented.

More recently we added Google AdWords Certified members to our team. Google recognizes them as expert marketers in online advertising. Each and every one of my team is experienced and successful in the online advertising of addiction treatment centers. We brought on our new team members because most people check a facility’s website before committing to its program. That being said, it is imperative that you can be found in the search engines and directories.

Alternative Solutions Media has been successfully connecting addicts with treatment centers just like yours across the country for nearly 10 years. We have proven successful marketing programs that can fit the skinniest of budgets. Pick up the phone right now and call me to find out how we can help you draw new clientele to your facility. Howard “The Rainmaker” Needle @ 561-281-2020 or email me at: Howard@alternativesolutionsmedia.com

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