Indian Bob Joins With Alternative Solutions Radio; Rehab Center Radio

Rehab Center Radio

Indian Bob, the host of the Recovery Radio Raw Program, has teamed up with Alternative Solutions Media to help create each of the company’s 13 week, 30 and 60-minute radio programs that promote rehab facilities. Bob is a well-known asset to the recovery industry and has helped millions of people better understand and conquer the disease of addiction.

Indian Bob has a personal history of addiction and drug abuse dating back to the mid 1970′s. However, since 2002, he has been in a 12 step recovery program. Beginning in 2006 he started working with 12 Step Recovery Radio Shows. His talent and knowledge have also drawn him to be involved with many other radio programs across the country as well as Internet radio.

He has co-hosted Recovery Radio Live, which aired across America and on the Cable Radio Network. He has also hosted RecoveryHD before finding his primary focus which today is Recovery Radio Raw. Recovery Radio Raw is a syndicated 12 step recovery talk radio show focusing on addiction. It includes information about Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Sex and many other forms of disorders and addiction.

Since his recovery began in 2002, Bob has held a deep desire to give back to others, he gives the aid and attention that he was so freely provided to him during recovery. This desire drives Indian Bob to serve others through his radio broadcast work and carry the message of hope, strength and experience to those now suffering from the disease of addiction.

One of his present goals is to deliver the message of 12 step recovery to as many people as possible through the Recovery Radio Raw program. Recovery Radio Raw airs five days a week Monday through Friday on and on the Tune In App, which is available on Google Play for Android and Apple in the App Store.

Alternative Solutions Media offer a 13-week rehab center branding program where a 30 or 60-minute original radio talk show is aired weekly in major American media markets. Indian Bob has agreed to host the pre-recorded question and answer shows with facility clients.

Indian Bob is also a published Author having released the first in a series of books called The 12 Steps Revealed/Questions the 29 most commonly asked questions about all types of addictions. This book answers the questions the family, employers, treatment professionals and even the addict need to know. You can find the book at or on Amazon it is also available in hard copy if you would like more information go to

Indian Bob is also an Interventionist and has the following Certifications BRI, BRII, CNMI, CNDAI and D.D. Intervention is a crucial part of getting the family and the loved one informed about treatment and recovery from addiction. Indian Bob has experience with all addictions, disorders, and mental health issues related to addiction.

All cities, 30-60-minute rehab center shows. Please call us for more information.


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