Marketing a Rehab Center: How to Gain New Clients

“The recovery business is all about insured clients and making money.” No, it’s not.

The rehab center business is all about caring for people. Don’t forget the life-saving outcomes that drug and alcohol recovery provide those in treatment. Don’t forget about the families at home waiting for the return of their healthy mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. Never forget about the people who are alive today because they checked into a rehab center.

Yes, an addiction treatment facility should always be looking to connect with new clients. However, marketing, top quality care, and big profits are a careful mix of items that have to be juggled so not to lose sight of the real purpose of recovery. Rehab center marketing is a journey, not a destination.

At Alternative Solutions Media, we believe that the correct media placement can deliver new clients, brand recognition and national awareness of your company’s products and services. Marketing for rehab centers is our mission in life. Great care and treatment will always remain a responsibility of the rehab center.

Marketing a Rehab Center

The fist part of successful marketing is knowing the audience. No matter what medium is used, it’s vital to know who the audience is, what they want and what they don’t want. Do not try selling ice to an Eskimo or skateboards to retired seniors.

Radio marketing is particularly useful for identifying the listening audiences. Radio markets offer the details of listeners including gender, age group, location by city or region, radio format and even the preferred type of music (from country to hip-hop). Radio stations have already been categorized for every type of listener. A receptive audience for your services has already been grouped together and is just waiting to hear your message.

Alternative Solutions Media offers 60-second radio advertising in all large American cities and markets. Knowing the audience and what they need will help your ads stand out from a crowd and should facilitate more efficient communication with listeners.

Radio talk show advertising can help brand your rehab center and build influence in various national markets. A 30 or 60-minute educational talk show question and answer program, delivered to large American markets can help new consumers recognizing the benefits of your rehab center and attract new clients.

Radio is a powerful medium of advertising for rehab centers and addiction treatment facilities. Call us and get started today on the radio.


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