Micro manage your admissions staff or you will fail!

Howard Needle, CEO

Howard W. Needle, Treatment media leads
Founder and CEO at Alternative Solutions Media

I back in the day owned and operated several firms that required tracking and a GREAT management teams to be very successful ! I became the BEST in my industry for being known for running  TIGHT SHIPS , DO YOU? The BIGGEST FAILURE in the treatment industry all starts with your admissions staff and their management team. If you do not do daily meeting on how to speak to potential clients , you will fail. If you do not listen to your staff and micro manage them , you will fail again . If you want me to train your staff and increase your conversions , contact me ASAP 888-838-5743 I AM THE MASTER TRAINER , AND CAN CONTROL YOUR TRACKING SYSTEM ! Its very sad that you are losing so many admissions due to unqualified staff and MOST important the addict is left out with no direction!

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