Rehab Center Leads From National Radio Advertising

Alternative Solutions Media is in the business of drug rehab marketing. Using national radio and television advertising each month, client’s can generate a consistent supply of rehab center leads. Radio has always proven to be a powerful medium that directly connects consumers with advertised companies and brands. Funds budgeted for radio advertising are an investment in the future business of an addiction treatment center and money well spent.

Radio or Television
A 30-second radio ad is often much less expensive than a 30-second TV ad. Unlike television ads, radio generates rehab center leads from a program that can be quickly and inexpensively produced. Unlike print ads, radio campaigns that generate rehab center leads can be created and on air in a matter of days. Alternative Solutions Media in Miami Beach, produces rehab center radio marketing campaigns for large and small facilities.

Radio forges a direct link between advertisers and brick-and-mortar consumer retail business. There is a long history of evidence linking radio advertising with positive consumer sales.┬áToday’s direct response radio ads, which generate rehab center leads, offer a measurable response enabling the rehab center client to calculate the impact of a marketing campaign. This tracking of calls and new customers is a significant feature for recovery facilities and rehab centers desiring to manage or forecast a monthly advertising budget.

Radio ads from Alternative Solutions Media can be targeted for any American media market. The 60-second radio ad is a pre-recorded segment that was created to engage those seeking information on drug addiction treatment and recovery. Targeting radio ads for various groups of radio listeners is easy because radio stations are already distributed by format. From country listeners to news stations, the program format qualifies each group of listeners. Alternative Solutions Media can create a national radio campaign for your rehab center and target particular consumers or regions of the country. Radio advertising can deliver rehab center leads for your recovery facility. Call today for more information.


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