National Rehab Center Radio Advertising: How to Get Started

National rehab center radio advertising has been producing positive results across America. Alternative Solutions Media produces a targeted 13-week educational radio program in talk show format. During the show, our focus is not entirely on the number of calls but rather than the quality of the caller. Other forms of advertising such as PPC focus on the number of clicks. Pay-Per-Click programs track the number of clicks a campaign receives and how many visitors bounce within the 30 seconds. That generic approach to digital advertising does not work well in radio.
The true value of a 30 or 60-minute educational radio program is not realized by how many people call but through the knowledge and quality of each caller. Individuals phoning into a radio show have been better qualified for admission than the anonymous multitude of those clicking on an Internet banner ad.

Talk show callers are also located close to the broadcast city. These potential new clients reside in and around the station’s immediate broadcast area. There are no callers from Russia, China or India as a digital PPC campaign may garner. Radio is a more targeted and direct method of reaching any major American market.

Throughout a pre-recorded show, the facility can discuss treatment options, financial arrangements, insurance and even methods of payment that are accepted by the treatment center. Consequently, those calling in will have a better understanding of the facility’s addiction treatment solutions and financial requirements before making that connection.

We understand that not everyone has the financial resources or private insurance that will cover the costs of the visit to a rehab center. However, we choose not to ignore those people or leave them out of the loop. Those individuals and family members without insurance need help just like anyone else that is calling into the radio show. Call 1-888-838-5743 to begin your road to recovery today.

Radio advertising is a tried and true method of marketing addiction treatment and rehab centers. Alternative Solutions Media can put that advertising engine to work for your facility. Please call me today for information on how to get started.


If you just have a few questions about the show, we’d love to hear from you. Call our hotline toll-free.


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