National Rehab Center Radio Advertising Produces Results

National rehab center radio advertising is a cost efficient method of sending a message of recovery out to million of people across America. Radio is quickly becoming a favorite tool for advertising a treatment and addiction business because it can deliver targeted and trackable results.

Alternative Solutions Media serves clients by producing rehab center marketing campaigns that build admissions and brand awareness for recovery facilities. These services connect rehab centers with future patients using direct response marketing. Because of this specialization in rehab center radio advertising, Alternative Solutions is offering national radio spots in the top ranked radio markets across the U.S. Each radio ad package includes 350-400 one-minute spots. The total package price is approximate $15,000. This whole package adds up to around six full hours of air time during which new potential recovery clients will be forwarded to the admissions desk to discuss addiction treatment options.

Television and radio are two of the best mediums for attracting new customers and building brand awareness.

Alternative Solutions also offers national direct response TV advertising on a pay-per-call basis. This measurable technique for reaching out to those seeking information on drug and alcohol treatment services allows rehab center clients to access national TV markets while keeping the costs low. Customers receive a number of incoming calls that a client has paid for in advance. These are fixed cost calls, and the use of this strategy allows rehab center to enter the larger metro markets across the nation while maintaining low costs.

This cost per lead advertising works very well for customers restricted by smaller monthly budgets.

Both television and radio advertising are available from Alternative Solutions Media. Each of these marketing efforts is a turnkey solution. Production of the 60-second radio ads has already been completed, and incoming calls can be routed to the client’s admissions desk.

This advertising model is scalable by state or region and the setup time to begin a new campaign only requires about four days. By next week, your facility can be receiving hundreds or thousands of calls per month. The model is scalable nationally by region or state.

You are invited to partner with Howard Needle at Alternative Solutions and begin receiving calls next week. Call us and these proven strategies can work for your recovery facility.


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