New One Minute National Radio Advertising Spots for Rehab Centers

Alternative Solutions Media is proud to announce a brand new national radio advertising spot created specifically for rehab center marketing.

We now have available 60-second pre-recorded ads for any rehab center nationwide. You have your choice of favorite national city locations, and we can provide you with the details of which states may support a more positive response from the radio marketing efforts. These are 60-second ads ready for your toll-free number.

This spot is not a pay-per-call ad. These ads are individual one-minute buys. In this case, your rehab center pays for the ad and receives all the calls. As the one-minute radio ad airs in the city of your choice, all callers are directed to your admission desk.

What kind of marketing investment can your facility afford to make this month? What investment can your service afford not to make? These national radio ads are flexible and affordable. Our one-minute national pre-recorded radio ads and can fit into any recovery facility’s marketing budget.

What is the pace of your rehab center’s current advertising and marketing? Can the admissions desk handle this number of incoming calls?

We can also integrate these new 60-second radio ad spots into our 13-week radio marketing campaign. Also available for the educational show is expert recovery radio host Indian Bob. Bob can help you organize the extended educational radio program in 30 or 60-minute lengths. He will host the program and work with you creating an informative byline outlining your institution’s features and benefits.

These opportunities for rehab center radio promotion are investments in your facility’s future. Powerful national radio ads can focus your marketing efforts on concentrated consumer populations in American markets. Radio advertising is an opportunity to increase the pace of business driving your recovery facility.

For more information, please call us at 561-281-2020

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