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Will declaring an emergency with regard to opioids result in money and support ending up where it's needed? Providers getting funds to provide evidence based treatment, researchers getting funds to advance understanding or the disease.. and the development of more and more effective treatments and funds to provide life sustaining medications to those that need them. Without these things, calling it an emergency . Call now and receive 100's of callers seeking treatment.

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How Many Admissions Have You Lost Because Of A Lack Of Caring?!

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Winston Churchill is the original author of this classic adage and never have truer words been spoken. Most people don’t think about how they respond to the stressors they’re confronted

Penny Wise And Dollar Stupid Mentality Leads To Missed Admissions And Fewer People Getting Treatment They So Desperately Need!

From my perch, I can clearly see the successful addiction treatment facilities rise from the ones that are struggling. And, after years of interaction with owners, CEOs, Marketing Managers and the likes, I have found that there is one discernible

20 FREE Rehab Pay Per Calls With A FREE Education!

If you haven’t tried Alternative Solutions Media’s rehab pay-per-call marketing program, this is your golden opportunity. Pay per call marketing is proving to be one of the most cost-efficient methods of gaining new admissions available to both large and small

You Can Close 4% Just Like a Loved One

Alternative Solutions Media’s job description is to appeal to substance abusers or their loved ones through various media outlets to help them find treatment. Several $100,000.00s of dollars are spent on national ad campaigns to achieve this goal. And it

Addiction Starts with 1 Hit, 1 Line, 1 Drink, 1 Pill… And Can End with 1 Call

Make No Mistake About It; ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS MEDIA Consistently Delivers Admissions To Their Clients!

Over the years I’ve heard the rumors of other sellers trying to duplicate Alternative Solutions Media’s success. When someone sees a business doing well they’ll often attempt to mimic their plan to try to cash in on what they see

No Doubt 1, Good Staff 2, Lucky 3

Nearly 23,000,000 million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol – and here is a sobering fact; only around 2,000,000 million will receive treatment. That means 21,000,000 million addicts won’t. They will stay addicts for the rest of their lives.

It’s About to Rain VOB’s!

Get Out Your Umbrella– It’s About To Rain VOB’s

My clients call me the “Rainmaker” because I deliver results! I make their phone ring with qualified leads. They’re bringing in more new clients and filling their empty beds. And best of all, my clients have one of the best

The Rainmaker’s Report Card On Admission Staff Is In… D-

I just returned from a trip to the West Coast where I had the good fortune to visit with quite a few successful facility owners and toured many of their treatment centers. I was overwhelmed with their pristine facilities and