Penny Wise And Dollar Stupid Mentality Leads To Missed Admissions And Fewer People Getting Treatment They So Desperately Need!

From my perch, I can clearly see the successful addiction treatment facilities rise from the ones that are struggling. And, after years of interaction with owners, CEOs, Marketing Managers and the likes, I have found that there is one discernible difference between the two. The successful owners recognize their staff is their greatest asset and are not timid about investing in their employees. It’s a well known fact that workers who earn a wage commensurate with their skill set tend to be happier and more productive on the job while underpaid employees tend to be disgruntled and less productive.

But there is something else successful owners know and do that failing facilities often overlook and is more to my point. They understand good employees have a desire to improve. Smart operators arrange for continued education, seminars and training. This is specifically why I started my signature ‘Rainmaker Marketing and Training Advantage.’

As a special introductory offer, we’re giving away 20 free pay-per-calls with a free education to all treatment facilities new to the Alternative Solutions Media’s family. You can’t find a better way to try rehab pay per calls than this offer! Please call or email for details.

This is a proven turnkey program that provides you with high quality calls and comprehensive in-house sales training at a competitively low fixed price. I will personally come to your facility and work with your admissions staff. I’ll train them how to integrate empathy into their phone presentation; how to properly present your program and facility to the caller. I will teach them how to compassionately ask the probing questions that need to be asked but are not. Plus, the training is ongoing. I’ll motivate your staff every morning via Skype or conference call, and on a one-on-one basis when necessary. My program lays out a clear path for your staff to follow so they can reach their full potential – and maximizing your admissions in doing so.

How much do you thing a well trained staff can improve your admissions; 3%, 4%, 5%?! My clients tell me these types of increases are very realistic. If you’re serious about growing your center and taking it to the top then call me and I’ll make it rain for you.

Call me right now and I’ll guarantee you’ll get at least 1 VOB or I’ll give you back 25% of your campaign! This is the best opportunity you’ll ever have to try pay-per-calls!

Call me, Howard Needle, “The Rainmaker,” toll free at 888-838-5743 or email me for more information on this limited time special offer and a free marketing consultation.

On all of the U.S. paper currency you’ll find a picture of one of our most treasured founding fathers. These brave men were chosen because of their deeds that were guided by their heart. Isn’t about time we take our founding fathers’ lead and do what we feel in our heart to be right, rather than just collecting pieces of paper with their pictures on them?

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