Access to a Rehab Center for those Living in Poverty

For individuals with a business career and excellent private health insurance the monthlong stay at the private drug rehab center is fully covered by insurance. Those families with good coverage, money to spend, and the time to attend treatment have an excellent chance of recovery.¬†Unfortunately, those addicted persons suffering from inequalities due to economic and social standing in America don’t have such good options.

Poverty and Substance Abuse

“Poverty” defines a person or family as lacking a certain amount of material resources. One of the most pressing issues for addicted people living at or below the poverty level in America is access to health care and medical services. This limited access also includes those services for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Other issues surrounding the lack of treatment include child care, time away from work, loss of wages and travel.

Compounding these problems is the fact that many U.S. public health services are at maximum capacity and have a waiting list to get into treatment. A drug user may want to enter treatment only to be informed by the state-run health facility that the rehab center they need to attend has a four-month waiting list. Poverty creates addicts faster than the government-run health care can treat them. Addiction without treatment is now a problem for 20 million Americans each year. No insurance coverage, no savings, family situations that prevent a 30 or 60-day inpatient recovery, and facilities with long waiting lists top the list of reasons why a low-income person can’t enter recovery.

It is for these reasons that Howard Needle, CEO of Alternative Solutions Media in Miami Beach, has created a new “Recovery Series” Video program designed for in-home use that explains the recovery process and provides information for beginning recovery at home. Priced at just $199. The reasonably priced package will soon be available to individuals and families of those suffering from the disease of addiction.

This video series is for anyone that needs immediate information on how to start recovery and how to help family members achieve sobriety. Licensed medical professionals and experts in the addiction treatment industry are featured presenting the recovery information and details on in-home treatment.

This in-home recovery video can also help:

  • People that don’t have expensive health insurance coverage but still seek recovery
  • Families with children abusing drugs that cannot afford private treatment
  • Individuals addicted to alcohol that cannot enter rehab
  • People on a waiting list for the state-run facility and want to start the recovery process
  • People seeking long-term help for addiction

Income should not be a factor in anyone’s recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. Don’t let poverty hold your family back from understanding how to treat addiction.

For more information call Howard Needle at 561-281-2020 or toll-free at 1-855-509-0811

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