Poverty and Addiction

The most recent government data collected in 2014 showed that 46.7 million Americans (15 percent of the U.S. population) were living in poverty, including 15.5 million (21 percent) children under the age of 18.

That figure represents more than 46 million Americans at risk for addiction, hunger and illness.

In 2015, American is facing the largest income gap ever experienced in the history of this country. What does this have to do with addiction treatment? Lots.

There is a verified but unpublicized connection between people living in poverty and addiction. Financial inequality, lack of insurance and limited access to medical care are all critical factors in the treatment of addiction.

Family members who experience long-term unemployment, or periodic homelessness suffer a much higher rate of substance abuse than those not in these categories. Poverty is not the only determining factor in whether a person abuses substances or become addicted to alcohol. However, there is a well-known connection between poverty and addiction.

Because of the declining U.S. economy, many Americans are sliding down from middle class into the lower income groups. These changes may highlight the growing problem of addiction and substance abuse among the impoverished.

It is time to bring help to those who need it most. Attempting to insure a nation of 300 million people, through the Obama administration, was a great idea but it seems that tens of millions fell through the cracks.

For those without insurance and those unable, for whatever reason, to attend an inpatient private treatment facility, Alternative Solutions Media is introducing a home educational video series that will help anyone start a path to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Substance abuse education can start in the home and be available at convenient times of the viewer’s choice. This new series contains the advice of medical professionals and addiction treatment experts.

In January 2016, Alternative Solutions Media will be releasing the first 10-hour video series entitled, The Home Starter Kit to Recovery. This series will be for in-home viewing and contain specific educational information for helping anyone start down a path to recovery from alcohol addiction or substance abuse. Medical professionals and addiction experts will present information that can help guide a family member through the steps used by addiction treatment centers across the nation. A printed manual and workbook is included to track progress, and an online forum will be available for direct questions.

If you have no insurance or financial support to attend a private inpatient 30 or 60-day addiction treatment, please consider this in-home educational video series. Get affordable help now in your home through Alternative Solutions Media.

Life is precious. Start living today.

If you are experiencing problems with drugs or alcohol at this time, please call 1-888-838-5743. This service can provide you information for immediate assistance and the helpline never closes.

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