Radio Advertising for Rehab Centers

60-Second Radio Ads

Alternative Solutions specializes in radio and TV lead generation for rehab facilities. National radio marketing is available in the top ranked radio markets across the U.S. segmented in 60-second spots. A radio ad package includes 350-400 of these ads for an approximate cost of $15,000.


Radio ads from Alternative Solutions Media can be targeted for any American media market. The 60-second radio ad is a pre-recorded segment that was created to engage those seeking information on drug addiction treatment and recovery. Targeting radio ads for various groups of radio listeners is easy because radio stations are already distributed by format. From country listeners to news stations, the program format qualifies each group of listeners. Alternative Solutions Media can create a national radio campaign for your rehab center and target particular consumers or regions of the country. Radio advertising can deliver rehab center leads for your recovery facility.

Affordable radio advertising can help deliver:

  • Greater lead volume
  • Higher lead quality
  • Substantially lower cost per lead
  • Reduced cost per admission

Example #1:

Example #2:

National Radio Advertising for Rehab Centers

We offer a 13-week radio program that will hammer home your brand name in any significant American media market and generate qualified live call-in leads for your rehab center.

We will arrange for your 30 or 60-minute program to be broadcast into any American city of your choice. Popular radio markets include Dallas, Houston, the Boston tri-state area, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and many others. These markets are heavily populated areas. Our staff has researched the populations of listeners throughout these areas and identified the largest AM and FM talk show stations.  Because of the popularity of radio advertising, there is limited availability in some major cities.

Working closely with your rehab center, the team at Alternative Solutions will help you craft a powerful script for the 30 or 60-minute question and answer program educational program. During this radio time, you may discuss anything relating to your recovery program including treatment, aftercare, features of your facility, types of accepted payments and why clients should choose your care over another business. The script we create together with your company will help you communicate the outstanding features of your program and effectively detail them to the listening radio audience.

Our staff will assist you in this area of production; however the cost to produce the show will be covered by your company. Since production expenses are generally small, you also have the option to create several shows and alternate between programs during the 13 week period.

Your custom radio show will air every week on a Saturday or Sunday, for 13 weeks to the largest radio talk show audiences that we can book for your business, in that selected market.

During each of the 13 weeks, the radio station will also air promos for your facility each day helping to build your brand and audience.

During your on-air program, you are free to discuss any topics relating to your service, addiction treatment, and recovery. The program will be recorded in a local studio in your area at a minimal cost to your company. Alternative Solutions will work to help craft the script and aid in production.

The radio station will make a 13-week commitment and air your 30 or 60-minute program one day a week, either Saturday or Sunday, for 13 weeks straight. Each time your rehab center’s recorded show airs, the audience will receive your facility’s toll-free number throughout the show. Those new clients will be calling directly to your admissions desk. The calls are not monitored, and the numbers are not recorded by any third party.

Throughout the recorded program, your representative has right and the ability to disclose your financial terms to the listeners. You can detail what methods of funding your center accepts. If you prefer not to receive Medicare or Medicaid, that information can be clearly stated throughout the show using questions and answers. If you accept most major insurance providers, you are free to identify the companies and the coverage. By the time a new client calls your center, they have had time to consider the payment options as explained during the show.

We consider these type of call-in leads, that arrive directly to your admission desk, to be one of the most financially qualified leads available for rehab centers.

Call us and let me show you more of the advantages of our 13-week radio branding programs.