Radio Drug Rehab Advertising Can Work For Your Addiction Treatment Facility

If your facility is not operating at a full census, it may be time to evaluate your marketing and build a more efficient drug rehab advertising campaign. Radio has been around since the 1940’s, and while the technology has not changed much, radio advertising has grown up with the business world.

Radio ads from Alternative Solutions Media are an inexpensive method of reaching new clients in major American cities and regions. A 60-second pre-recorded radio ad can serve as a direct daily link from a pool of new clients to a rehab center. Alternative Solutions’ pre-recorded radio ads are created to motivate listeners by inviting them to call in and discuss drug addiction treatment and recovery. The incoming calls are then routed to the admissions desk at the rehab center.

The practice of targeting radio listeners with drug rehab advertising has proven to be a successful approach to gaining new addiction treatment clients.

Radio audiences are highly defined by the demographics of listeners. Country stations attract a particular kind of audience while rock n’ roll stations may appeal to a very different kind of listener. All of this information is relevant to advertisers; particularly those customers involved with drug rehab advertising. Radio stations and advertising are already distributed by format.¬†Alternative Solutions Media can create a national radio campaign for your rehab center and target particular consumers, radio formats or regions of the country. Rehab center advertising through radio can deliver rehab center leads for your recovery facility. Radio advertising delivers:

  • Greater lead volume
  • Higher lead quality
  • Substantially lower cost per lead
  • Reduced cost per admission

Radio is the only primary advertising medium that can be used while driving a car or truck. Inside the vehicle is where most of the American listeners will also be receptive to rehab center advertising. Radio formats produce some very details statistics about listeners which can be used in the selection of large advertising markets. The Radio Advertising Bureau has identified the top radio formats in the United States.

Country is the top format for the number of stations airing country music. It is a broad format that airs anything from classic country to mainstream artists. Country radio is most popular in regions of more uniform populations of listeners such as the Southern U.S. Country tends to be popular with older listeners. 60-second alcohol and drug rehab advertising targeting Country listeners is available through Alternative Solutions Media.

News & Talk
News radio and talk radio are the largest audiences in the nation. The top categories within this news and talk radio include NPR [National Public Radio] and sports stations. Adult men between the ages of 45-54 make up this format’s top demographic. Alternative Solutions Media offers a full 13-week radio program for any rehab center or addiction treatment facility. This marketing includes a 30-minute or 60-minute educational radio program/advertisement in talk show format. This show will air each weekend for 13 weeks in any major American market.

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